Our History

Alfredo De Pedrini opened his first workshop in Milan in 1920. In addition to his small number of employees and machines, he had a pioneering vision and a desire to pass on his experience and passion for prepress procedures to the next generation. This can be seen in his contribution to the creation of two schools for graphic designers in Milan. Since then, the prepress process has changed dramatically, though the creative environment that existed in our workshop in the 1920s still remains the same.

Many editorial projects – which took shape at our headquarters nestled in an old Milanese neighborhood – went on to become celebrated advertising campaigns, magazines or art books.

A. De Pedrini has been working for many years with leading national and international companies such as Olivetti and Piaggio (both clients for over 50 years), Fiat, Montedison, Pirelli, Avon Cosmetics as well as with some of the leading advertising agencies like Young & Rubicam, Publicis, Benton & Bowles and Armando Testa.

Our collaboration with well-known graphic designers such as Giulio Confalonieri, Silvio Coppola, Salvatore Gregoretti, Italo Lupi, Bruno Munari and Pino Tovaglia, to name a few, are proof of our attention to and interest in the fields of art and communication.

In 2003 A. De Pedrini acquired Zuccotti and Caprara, a company specialized in prepress specifically for packaging, adding to our offered services as well as more clients to our portfolio.

The following year we opened an in-house photographic studio with the aim of providing the best solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Today, we are able to see a project through from scratch or help finalize a project by providing additional images once shooting is finished.

A. De Pedrini was founded almost a century ago as a photolithographic printing company. Since then it has become a leading provider of prepress services, operating mainly in the fields of fashion and design.

Anni ’30 – Sopra a sin.: Luigi Veronesi. Sopra a dx e sotto: Carlo Dradi – Attilio Rossi

Anni ’30 – Luigi Veronesi

Anni ‘30

Anni ‘50 – Mario Perondi

Anni ’60 –Pino Tovaglia

Anni ’70 – Mimmo Castellano

Anni ‘70/’80 – Quattro poster di Mimmo Castellano

Anni ’80 – Cella – Dagrada, pagina pubblicitaria per il Corriere della Sera

Anni ’90 – Garage (Castoldi – Prevost)

Anni ’90 – Italo Lupi